Saturday, February 6, 2016

Japanese Urban Legend :Hands on the railway platform

Translated from Japanese by Shishou(師匠)


Urban Legend

 A man was standing on the railway platform, waiting for the train to come.
Usually, he would listen to the music or read some book to kill the time; but today, for some reason, he was looking towards the railway track.
At that moment, he noticed something between the railway track and the platform.
...No mistaking it, he saw human hands. Human hands that were holding on to the platform.

railway station image
By any chance, did someone fall on the tracks and was trying to climb up on the  platform? The station member, who was standing near, was unmoved by the situation. It seemed like he didn't care.

Is it that thing? Ghostly phenomenon? This was the first time the man had seen something from the other world. But even then, he was more curious than scared.

So, he moved toward the edge of the platform and looked down at the tracks.

That moment it happened. Someone grabbed his shoulder and pulled him back toward the platform. At the next instant, a high-speed train passed through that station. He got saved from collision only by a hair's width.

The station member yelled at him.
"No, No. It's not that. They didn't announce the train's coming."
The station member got amazed hearing this. He replied, "There was an announcement and even  I warned you to stay away from the tracks."

The man thought how could it be possible when he didn't even hear it. Looking at the situation, a middle school girl, came to the man and said hesitatingly.
"Sir, you see...there were hands."
"Yes, that's something I saw too! They were on the edge of the platform, right? "

"No...what I saw was...hands and they were covering your ears."
"Haaaa! That's why I couldn't hear anything..."

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  1. Ay so what should we do if meet a situation like this?

    1. My personal advice is never go near the end of railway platform. Who knows if a ghost might cover your ears or might even push you.


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