Friday, February 12, 2016

Japanese Urban Legend: The Policeman

Translated from Japanese by Shishou(師匠)


Urban Legend

There was a guy who lived in an apartment building.
After returning from the work, he entered the elevator of his apartment.
When the elevator reached the floor, on which he lived, the elevator door opened and he collided with another guy who was entering the elevator.
That guy was someone whom he had never seen in the apartment building before.

The next morning, the guy came to know about the neighbor's murder that had happened yesterday's night.

The following night, someone rang his doorbell. When he peeked through the peephole, he saw a Policeman standing on the other side.
The policeman said," A murder happened in this building last night, do you know about that? I want to inquire you about any suspicious person you might have seen."
The guy remembered about the suspicious guy he met in the elevator but decided to keep quiet as he didn't want to get involved in the incident. He replied," Sorry, don't know anything about it."
The Policeman said,"OK. Thanks for your cooperation.", and went away.

A few days later, the criminal was caught and his face was being shown all over in the news. When the guy saw the news, he turned pale with fear.
The criminal was the same guy who visited him a few days ago, dressed as Policeman.

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  1. Yet another proof that human is scarier than ghost! But ghost are surprising too XD

    1. Better check out for these creepy people at late night.
      You never know who is behind the door.XD


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