Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Japanese Cryptic: B - Kun

Translated from Japanese by Shishou(師匠)


Cryptic Story


It happened one evening.

I was in my room, reading a book, when suddenly there was a tapping sound on my window. Surprised, I looked back and saw that my friend B - Kun* was tapping on the window excitedly. 

B: "A- Kun, open it up!"
I opened up the window, while in a state of confusion, and B-Kun said out to me.

B: "You know, this happened to me a while back! "
A: "Hold on. Wait a minute. I want to know something before that. "
B: "Just listen to me. A while back, I was riding my bicycle. I was riding it on the beach, you know."
A: "uh-huh."
B: "After riding it for a while, I felt something was strange and got off the bicycle."

A: "What happened?"
B: "The bicycle's chain was all tangled up."
A: "Huh?"
B: "Just like I said, the bike's chain was all tangled up, so there was no way for the tire to have rotated till now."
A: "...? Then...how were you riding it?"
B: "Don't know. I rode it until that moment, but after that, it failed to move."
A: "How come?"
B: "When I noticed the tangled up chain, the bike became unrideable. it refused to move."
A: "Okay. I see."
B: "I wonder if I did it unconsciously. Ah...A-Kun, you wanted to ask me something, right?"
A: "Huh? Oh, yes. Well, ...you see..."
B: "?"

A: "This is the 5th floor. How come you climbed up in here?"
* Kun(君): Kun is an honorific suffix used after a person's name.

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