Friday, February 19, 2016

Japanese Cryptic: Christmas gift

Translated from Japanese by Shishou(師匠)

Cryptic Story

At the occasion of Christmas, Tom was looking forward to his Christmas present.
When he woke up in the morning, he saw 3 presents under the Christmas tree.
 He saw that Santa was peeking at him through the window. The Santa was grinning and looking at Tom.
Tom looked at the Santa and grinned back at him at with displeasure, then he went to the open up the presents.

Tom picked up the first present. The Santa started grinning even more. Tom opened it up and inside the box he found long trousers.
Tom became a little disappointed. He then went on to open up the second present. The Santa was laughing while holding his stomach. Tom opened up the second present; he found a soccer ball inside it. Tom grew more and more angry with the Santa.

Tom, now went on to open up the biggest present box. There was a bicycle inside it.
Santa was now rolling on the snow laughing.
Finally, Tom couldn't stand it anymore and broke into tears.

I really feel bad for Tom :(

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  1. I already read this post somewhere else, Shisou-san, so I knew that Tom is handicapped (he does not have legs, does he?). I feel sorry for Tom, too. This story is rather cruel and sad :'(

    But, the one creep me out is the bad version of Santa. The Santa I know should be the good guy who give wonderful presents (who could give presents too good to be true-- in another story haha). This version is very cruel and mischievous. But Tom already know that the Santa is a bad guy "Tom looked at the Santa and grinned back at him at with displeasure", why he opened the presents anyway? Hahaha.

    I guess we all have that curiousity even if we know something will not happen in the good way. (like playing with ghost, rituals etc.)

    Simpler answer: the Santa is her evil stepfather (hahaha, sorry for delutional one), who loves to see Tom upset.

    By the way, great story. Thank you and sorry for the longpost ^^

    1. Yeah, Tom is handicapped and Santa is teasing him by giving him the presents Tom cannot use.

      Tom was hopeful that this year he might get some good gifts from Santa, but the Santa gave him useless gifts.

      I imagined the Santa to be laughing like mischievous goblins.

      Haha. That was a good explanation.

  2. scumbag santa is scumbag

    1. forgot to thank you for translating these stories, its been a while since sayainunderworld is dead and that's where i found most of my daily dosis of japanese horror stories lol
      keep up the good work ������


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