Thursday, February 25, 2016

What is Gengar's real identity?

Gengar image
Pokemon is a game that is not only popular among children but also among the grown ups. It is a game that is popular in both Japan and other countries.
Gengar in Pokemon Fire Red
Gengar in Pokemon Fire Red

The first generation Pokemon game had only 151 Pokemon, but as of now, there are more than 700 Pokemon.

The most famous ghost Pokemon in the first generation games was none other than Gengar.

Gengar's evolution lineage is as follows:

Gastly ----->  Haunter ------> Gengar

The evolution process looks pretty normal, but there is one big question that arises regarding to this evolution process.

That question is about the weight of this Pokemon.

Gastly (1.3m/0.1kg) ----> Haunter (1.6m/0.1kg) ----> Gengar(1.5m/40.5kg)
Gastly, Haunter and Gengar. Source

As you can see, the Gengar's weight increases by a considerable amount when it evolves from Haunter. On the other hand, the height remains approximately the same.

If you give some thought to this mysterious weight change, then you will realize that this can be explained with one simple theory.

When Gengar evolves from Haunter, it takes control/ possesses another Pokemon. Yes, it's somewhat of a creepy theory.

Clefable image

You might be interested to know, who is the Pokemon of which Gengar takes control/possesses?

The answer is Clefable!

Clefable's height and weight are 1.3m/40.0kg. Resembles Gengar's height and weight, right?

There is one more thing that proves this theory. There are thorns like things on Gengar's back. You  can find the same thorns like things on Clefable's back.

It's quite scary theory, but it's the truth.
Gengar and Clefable image
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  1. Wow it is scary remembering the game is supposedly filled with fun trivia ^^ but interesting facts though. I played pokemon too but not really a hardcore fan yet haha. Thank you for sharing

    1. Thanks for reading. I'm also not a big fan of pokemon.Haha.
      It's a repetitive game, but yeah I loved Black and White on DS.


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